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5 Star CSE Training Program

Customer Service Excellence Training Program

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Empowered employees, who understand the corporate vision, know their customer, and how they contribute to the goals, vision, and mission are a win-win for everyone. The 5 Star Customer Service Excellence training program is an accompaniment to the 5 Star Playbook and equips our participants to adopt the 5 Star mindset ~ taking ownership, valuing the customer experience, and setting excellence as the standard. Our holistic approach of implementing the principles of developing a 5 Star mindset turns your team into stakeholders and improves team/employee morale, which supports a thriving organizational culture. This program is offered as an in-person or online workshop. “When individuals feel valued, celebrated and appreciated they give from a place of increased service.” Signature topics • Interconnectedness • The 5 Star Paradigm • Who is your customer? • Diversity and Inclusion • The WOW Factor • Customer-centered approach • Decision-making • Walking Billboard • Power Moves Do not hesitate to contact us to learn how the 5 Star CSE training program can serve your team, workforce, and organization.

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931 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA

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