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  • Overcoming Fear Facing Your Blue Mat Course

Overcoming Fear Facing Your Blue Mat Course

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The "Overcoming Fear Facing Your Blue Mat" Course was created for driven women, who desire to release their self-sabotaging thoughts, become unstuck, and step into their confidence with courage to take responsiblity of their lives.  This course explores twelve life strategies that assist you in examining, facing, and eradicating  these unproven & untrue types of fears, false perceptions, and limited beliefs aka "Blue Mats".  We are saying goodbye to wrestling with the feelings of being too old, too late, too much...!  In the Land of Not Enough, we build a fortress of these fears that prevent us from living our best life.  I do not know about you, but I AM READY to no longer live in the realm of NOT ENOUGH.  


The truth is...  You are more than enough!

    • For your convenience, you will receive an email with a downloadable compressed file to access the Blue Mat Course.
    • This course consists of six interactive audio modules and your Blue Mat Course Workbook.
    • This is a self-reflective course.  It will require self-honesty, and your willingness to face and challenge your limited beliefs.
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